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Model Bat Mitzvah

At this sweet bat mitzvah, two young women celebrated their coming of age with a traditional menu and their families. Keeping the pattern of two’s, the girls chose two colors for their center pieces. Every table was set with a bouquet of yellow or purple roses and surrounded by the same color candles. Here, at […]

A Wedding Waltz

In mid February, tucked away from the winter chill, the family of two ballroom dancers gathered to celebrate their marriage. As their guests walked in, we served up champagne, sparkling water, and ginger beer. You can only guess which was the most popular option. They waltzed down the aisle, pledged themselves to each other in […]

Winter Wedding

For this December celebration, we put together a menu that included winter veggies, foods to warm the belly, and a collection of cozy flavors. Starting with the Winter Salad we chopped up the winter-ist vegetable of all: beets. Then we combined it with romaine hearts, pears, and a rich blue cheese vinaigrette. This was the […]

Lunch in the Park

Serving big crowds is most effective and efficient through bar-style serving. In order to augment efficiency with deliciousness and joy, we served up falafel in this superb  style. Our chef made his authentic falafel mix, fried it up on-site at just the right temperature, and served it fresh and piping hot. Along with this is […]

Family Style Brunch & Homemade Cookies

Our classic morning spread brings families together around the table for a simple and filling brunch. We import our fresh made bagels from a local Berkeley bakery and serve up sesame, original, and marble halves. Accompanying it is cold creme cheese and flavorful lox. We take care with our presentation as well as the functionality […]

Dinner with Continuity

Lunch in Tilden Park was a great idea, dinner was an even better one. We set up a burrito bar to die for. First things first: warm flour and corn tortillas wrapped in pairs in foil. Everything to follow was set up for the burrito connoisseur to create whatever delight they’d like. We had browned […]

Lunch with Continuity

We filled the lunch hour with a variety of dishes. First was a classic mac-n-cheese with that golden crunchy layer on top. Secondly we had a dish that was equally unique as the last one was traditional: eggplant cheese cake. It was a sweet and savory dish that combined fresh cheese and roasted vegetables. Following […]

Skewers and Sliders

Our Hors D’oeuvres menu had an amusing twist tonight: sliders! We served up bite-sized burgers with spicy ketchup and dijon mustard on a toasted brioche bun. A cousin of this burger is the portabella mushroom slider with bell pepper aioli. Hot fried Falafel balls (see last week’s picture-esque post) with an ice cold lemon-tahini dipping […]

Golden Roasted Veggie Recipe

Roasted Vegetables This dish is always one of the first to need a refill. Our servers know to keep a close eye on the bowl and our chefs know to prepare a significant quantity. We have rarely seen left overs. It is also particularly useful for home cooks because it can be prepared and easily […]

Step-by-Step Falafel

Step-by-step falafel… in pictures only. Our falafel recipe has been perfected through the culmination of culture and years of practice. We aren’t quite ready to share our secret in precise measurements and ingredients but are obliging those curious about the process: