10 Year Anniversary at Beth El Congregation

IMG_6793To celebrate the decade of community here at Beth El where our kitchen is located, we put together a heavenly yet comfortable buffet that was rounded out with a congregation of homemade desserts. It was celebrated with deep navy and bright light blue linens accentuated by tall wine glasses stuffed with a fresh white napkin. Each center piece had a bottle of red wine and a tiny candle to bring focus to a community aspect. We worked to present food in line with this theme.

We started with a poached salmon fillet donned with fresh herbs and a Green Goddess sauce, which was certainly divine.

After something so celestial, we had to bring it back to earth with an all-time favorite comfort food: polenta. It was served warm with fresh grated parmesan on top melted in by the time it reached our eaters platesIMG_6794.

Next, we brought out another favorite: our chef’s classic oven roasted vegetables tossed together with fresh oregano, garlic, and olive oil. Warm and flavorful, this dish is complimentary to anything it is served with, yet some how ends up being the star of the show.IMG_6798

Lastly, a cold and crisp winter salad rounded out the buffet. We chopped up fresh leafy greens and mixed them up with crunchy candied walnuts for a bite of sweet, complimentary fresh organic pear slices, a punch of flavor with blue cheese crumbles, and finally coated it all in a balsamic vinaigrette.

The buffet brought a little comfort, a little home, and a lot of delight. Shortly after dinner followed a community dessert. Each attending member brought with them a homemade sweet or a favorite cheese and cracker combination. Jasmine’s staff crafted each plate display carefully and presented the array on white linen. IMG_6810

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