Almost-Vegan Pasta Bar

buffetLined up in order of natural stacking on your plate, we have first a perfectly cooked penne pasta, followed by a fresh tomato sauce, creamy pesto, and parmesan cheese if so desired. Of course, no pasta is complete without warm and buttery garlic bread.

Following this was a fresh Greek Salad with cold romaine lettuce, diced vine ripe tomatoes, pungent kalamata olives, rich feta cheese, red onions, dried oregano, Persian cucumbers, and our homemade lemon vinaigrette

We also served a soon-to-be California classic: whole wheat Couscous with baked vegetables, toasted almonds, and dried currants. In conjunction with this, we had our house favorite oven roasted veggies with extra virgin olive oil and fresh oregano.

One of our unique presentations with this ensemble was our dip trio. It was a successful trial. Our eaters enjoyed a roasted butternut squash blend with ginger, hummus, and baba gannouj all served with pita triangles.

dip trio\

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