Assemble With Care

Med PlatterIn the kitchen, our team is clean, concise, and efficient. We work in unison to assemble our dishes, delegate tasks, and provide service with care. Our bagels are fresh from a local bakery, sliced, and served with cold cream cheese and smoked salmon.

Prepping VeggiesWe assembled a veggie platter for a variety of option to add to the bagel – we tossed this in a giant bowl full of oils and spices and then placed the vegetables prepared and dressed on plates for each table.

We also created a crunchy fresh caesar salad with sour bread croutons and fresh grated parmesan for each table to select. Our favorite dish of the morning meal was the Mediterrranean Platter: pungent goat cheese and roasted red bell peppers marinated in lemon zest, parsley, with anchovies, grilled fennel, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. We plated this all with Baguette Slices.

The finished product was a cute little table with daffodils dancing in the center and the individual plates surrounding. The guests were able to sit at their tables and share a meal family-style and afterwards have a chocolate chip cookie, a fudge brownie, or both.

A multi-plate meal for a large number requires organization, preparation, and team work. Jasmine Catering was happy to deliver.


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