An August Evening Wedding


A view from the kitchen out into the evening lit courtyard, on a perfectly warm evening in late August.

Dinner was a three part assembly, starting with a Sweet Heaven salad – an aptly named dish with crunchysalad romaine hearts chopped up and topped with juicy mango, maroon earthy beats, ripe avocado, pickled red onions, and a perfectly balanced balsamic vinaigrette.

Since Thai food always goes over well, we crafted an egg noodle dish to join this trio and topped it with with julienned vegetables and the perfect sesame dressing.

The third piece was at the discretion of the guest. Everyone made a fabulous selection; there were no bad choices.


Eggplant Terrine: this somewhat of a lasagna with layers of eggplant slices, spongy tofu, oven roasted tomatoes and spinach. This is topped with breadcrumbs and parmesan then baked to a golden brown, top-crunch perfection.


Grilled Beef Skewers marinated in lime, olive oil, and fresh herbs for a perfect compliment to the meat


Sauteed Halibut Fillet with panko and almond crust served with a tangy Puttanesca sauce

Keeping in line with Oakland traditions, the couple decided to honor their guests with a local celebrity: Fentons Ice Cream wedding cake.

As a final note: at our events, our staff successfully makes them selves uninvasive, prompt, and respectful. These three things together often make them somewhat “invisible.” This is a mark of good service, but also a sign that our staff deserves to be recognized. These are the people who create the menu, make the meal, and serve the community.  They work to be personable but not invasive, quick but not rushed, and professional but not cold. As far as we can see, they are infinitely successful. From all of us at Jasmine Catering, we would like to wish Kim and Kevin a successful and long-lasting love!


Our head chef and owner, Oded working to assemble the dinner plates with his ardent partner Nathan. The pair work exceptionally efficiently, even in a tiny space with high numbers such as this one.










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