The guest of honor was a 13-year old girl becoming a Bat Mitzvah. She celebrated her coming of age in South Berkeley. Jasmine Catering put together a simple but hearty buffet of lunch foods. We tossed a crisp caesar salad, plated a bowl of fresh fruit, chopped up a variety of veggies and served them up with the option of hummus or babaganoush. The spread also included approximately 400 petit tartines, baked by our chef the night prior. We spread them each with cold cream cheese, homemade olive tapenade, and a summer tomato slice topped it off.

A few of the tartine trays during preparation
Our staff and the assembly line of cream cheese, tapenade, and a tomato sliver

Our two chefs prepared food for approximately 200 people and the four servers navigated the crowd politely, efficiently, and discretely. We worked to keep our buffet overflowing and our guests tables clean. We also teamed up with the event planner and her crew. We spread bouquets, set tables, and did all the break-down work in unison. Jasmine Catering left the venue just as we had found it. However, there may have been a subtle air of happiness and fresh tartines that wasn’t there in the beginning.

Our buffet, just before the salad was brought out. In order to keep the lettuce fresh we wait until the last moments to add the dressing.