Bat Mitzvah Picnic

ceremonyThe celebration of a young girls coming of age took form with a delicious Falafel Bar, delightful desserts, and beside a placid lake.

Our staff set up tables with fresh, bright linens to display the homemade falafel (stay tuned for next week’s post, we will divulge some of the falafel making process). And what is falafel without its natural pairings of fresh pita bread, Israeli salad, pickled cabbage and carrots, the wonderful tahini sauce, baba gannouj, and of course hummus.

A local chicken farmer in the Bay Area by the name of Mary’s provide free range and well-cared for poultry. We marinated these chicken breasts in fresh squeezed lemon juice, high quality olive oil, garlic, and herbs then grillebufet1d on-site in the sunshine.

Complimentary to the open and natural atmosphere was our organic spring mix salad topped with candied walnuts and feta cheese with a light coating of raspberry vinaigrette.

And of course a little dessert table was set up with the cutest pastry cups filled with lemon curd and topped with fresh berries for an adorable bite. For the chocolate lovers the fruit tarts had a cousin:  pastry cups filled with chocolate ganache and whipped cream atop.



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