Brunch With Flavor

The Brunch hour began with passed hors d’oeuvres – starting with a warm Spanikopita triangles. These are hand held filo dough stuffed with melted feta cheese and spinach, making for a rich combination.

Following this was organic Medjool dates filled with creamy gorgonzola cheese and salted pecan. The diversity of flavors makes for a sweet pairing.

The trio was completed with a comfort-food-meets-sophisticated:  a potato pancake topped with hot smoked fillet of salmon and crème fraiche with a dash of dill.

Goat cheese platter with fennel and peppers

The food between the hors’oeuvres and the sit down meal was a Mediterranean Platter that consisted of pungent goat cheese beside roasted bell peppers marinated in a fresh lemon zest, parsley, anchovies, fennel, and lemon juice. These are most closely compared with pickled, but must be tried to fully appreciate their uniqueness. We served this meant to be put on top of baguette slices.

cheddar and dill mini sconesThe main course buffet consisted of a mushroom frittata that was made with cage-free Eggs, Cremini Mushrooms, chives, and sharp cheddar cheese. For the bread lovers, there were home-made cheddar and dill scones as well as apple-cinnamon bread. Rounding out the meal came fresh cut fruit, as well as coffee, tea, and orange juice.

We didn’t stop there: desserts wrapped up with our usual flour-less chocolate cookies with coconut and pecans and our individual and adorable lemon-curd stuffed in pastry cups with a berry set atop. These are delightful little bites that are a flawless combination of sweet, crunch, and fruity. The three together offer three textures, three tastes, and thrice the deliciousness.

lemon curd and berries

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