Cliff Bar Event

We were honored to spend the day with Cliff Bar. We brought with us quite the selection of delicious goods.

To start the morning off right, we brought out the crumble Coffee Cake baked with sweet brown sugar and the perfect touch of cinnamon. And what would breakfast be without a potato frittata, a beautiful mashup of roasted potatoes, scallions, cream, and cage-free eggs. For the vegan eaters, we offer a still delicious home-fry potato dish with bell peppers, red onions, and tofu for protein. A successful breakfast to say the least!

We rounded this out with a delicious platter of fresh, seasonal fruit and some yogurt with toasted nuts to give it a bit of a crunch.

seasonal fruit


It only gets better as we progress towards lunch. Bellies empty again, we began with a Greek Saladfresh Greek Salad – crisp romaine heart lettuce, powerful tomatoes, red onions, Kalamata olives, dried oregano, a punch of bright white feta cheese, and our homemade lemon vinaigrette.

A light and flavorful gluten free mushroom chicken sautéed with Cremini mushrooms, fresh oregano, onions, and carrots all in a vermouth and cream reduction settled in nicely as the main course. This was supplemented with a teryaki tofu for the vegans as well.

Quinoa saladTo get some grain on the plate, we tossed together a crisp, fresh, gluten free quinoa salad tossed with roasted squash and a vegetable medley. It was a light, nutrient packed, and quiet delicious day of eating.

Can’t forget dessert! We went with our traditional (and of course, favorite) flourless chocolate, pecan, and coconut cookies next to our flourless peanut butter cookies. These are a real delight – they have only four ingredients, making them one of the safer options in terms of avoiding chemicals and such that we often find ourselves battling to avoid in our modern food science industry. So enjoy these worry-free and totally satisfying peanut butter cookies.
gluten free cookies




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