Dinner with Continuity

burrito-bar-dinnerLunch in Tilden Park was a great idea, dinner was an even better one. We set up a burrito bar to die for. First things first: warm flour and corn tortillas wrapped in pairs in foil. Everything to follow was set up for the burrito connoisseur to create whatever delight they’d like. We had browned spiced rice, refried pinto beans, and black beans.

Then there is the star of the show: the braised mexican beef and the red onions, bell peppers, and zucchini sautéed in spices and extra virgin olive oil.

And what is a burrito without salsa? We even splurged on some fresh mashed and mixed guacamole. We also served up some sour cream for the non-traditionalists.

As we all know – burritos are perfectly satisfactory on their own. Yet, we still gave an extra boost we provided fresh cut bites of juicy watermelon, sweet cantaloupe, and tart pineapple. Dinner was sweet and savory and enjoyed in Tilden Park amongst prompt and polite staff and good company.


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