Falafel Bar

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Welcome to the home to the Falafel Bar

Us and our flavorful menu were invited to be part of a casual party. We provided a linen-clad table of all the necessary parts for falafel. We served up baba gannouj, homemade hummus, freshly baked pita, and of course tahini. Spicy sauce made of cilantro, jalepeno, tomato, garlic, and a few secret spices blended together rounded out the dippings.

Also part of the line up was an Israeli salad with fresh picked leafy greens, tomatoes, onion, cucumber, and carrots. Our chef tossed it all in with feta cheese and the house dressing recipe. Lastly, we have a pop of pink on the table with the deliciously pungent pickled cabbage.

For dessert, we had our regular and always popular Flourless Chocolate Cookies kneaded with coconuts and pecans.

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