Family Style Brunch

We had a bright and cheery brunch with the classic fresh bagels and lox adorned with fresh veggies tossed in dressing with a pinch of salt and pepper. It was a very typical, and thus comforting brunch amongst friends and family. The atmosphere was lively and lighthearted, facilitated by a family style meal with all the characteristic bites.



We also included local, flavorful fruit, washed, cut, and presented ready to eat. It was a refreshing touch to punctuate bagels and cream cheese. To give the palate a bit of warmth, we whipped cage-free eggs and poured them over garlic-roasted potatoes with cream and caramelized onions to make for a delightful potato frittata.IMG_8311

The only items that weren’t part of the family style set up was dessert and beverages. Of course, the former brought everyone together in a different area of the hall. We put out

IMG_8313heavy and thick fudge brownies with chocolate ganache, raspberry bars, and gingersnap cookies with just the right kick.


The whole meal was centered around, or rather complimented, by a bouquet of roses that flawlessly blended a continuum of coral, peach, and ivory into a sweet little bunch on the center of each table.


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