Hearty Kabobs Birthday Party Menu

We presented a flavorful menu to mirror the excitement of the celebration of a birthday party. We gave the guests the fan-favorite and well-loved piping hot falafel with a complimentary cold tahini dipping sauce. We followed this with roasted eggplant chunks Roasted eggplanttopped with fried onions, fresh squeezed lemon juice, spicy chili peppers, sumac, and of course a rich feta cheese. The dark grill contrasted with the light, soft interior of the egg plant topped with bright white feta made for a beautifully contrasted dish.

We followed this with an infrequent visitor to the dinner table – organic medjool dates. We stuffed them with creamy gorgonzola cheese and salted pecan. Together it made for a powerful and flavorful dish that contrasted sweet and salty much like the eggplant contrasted with the feta. These little bites were swiped from the table quicker than we could put them out.

To briefly lighten up the meal we tossed together the traditional Israeli salad with crunchy fresh romaine hearts with bright red tomatoes, shredded cold carrots, scallions, bold feta cheese, powerful olives, and the most refreshing mint leaves and a home-made lemon vinaigrette.

The star of this menu was the meat kabobs made of ground beef and lamb, both ground and hand rolled in with dried parsley, fresh minced garlic, and a variety of spices. This was served with a warm tahini sauce, pine nuts, and paprika dusted on top.  Kababs

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