Jeweled Rice and Dinner

Veggies for Jeweled rice

The additions to the saffron rice

This menu extends a simple and filling meal fit for a hungry belly and satisfies a craving for heartiness. We start with a winter salad combining romaine hearts, deep maroon beets, crunchy pears, and moist blue cheese vinaigrette. This pairs well with eggplant parmesan, which has a rich taste and melty texture made from layers of

eggplant parmesan prep

Eggplant Parmesan in the midst of the preparation

breaded eggplant, with tomato sauce and fresh basil. It is reminiscent of lasagna with the fresh mozzarella and aged parmesan layered into it and all baked together, served piping hot.

One of our favorites is what we call Jeweled Rice – it is simple yet flattering to all it is served with and always admired by the plate holder. We start with saffron rice, add a harmony of middle eastern spices, caramelized onions, roasted carrots, a variety of nuts, and handful of raisins. This side never goes unappreciated.

To round out the trio, we offered a selection of bread and butter and beverages. A complete and hearty meal with variety in simplicity.



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