Kiddush Luncheon

We were invited to cater an event on the Peninsula for the bat mitzvah of two young ladies. Here, we were entrusted to put together the vision that the host had in mind. Our staff is efficient, careful, and considerate when setting up your event. It is important that we provide professional service in conjunction with quality.

We were encouraged to provide food that would appeal to the junior eaters as well as the adults so we created a kids table with a selection of sauces and dips to go with the homemade chicken tenders, as well as hot chocolate – and not the powder kind.

IMG_7059For the adults, we tossed together a mediterranean salad with crisp romaine IMG_7070lettuce, vine-ripe tomatoes, flavorful olives, crunchy shredded carrots, scallions, full-bodied feta cheese, and of course our homemade lemon and fresh mint vinaigrette.

A bit heavier entree is the wild salmon fillet topped with crushed almond crust for a complimentary additional flavor served with pesto sauce to lay on top. This paired well with roasted garlic mashed potatoes served piping hot.

The next entree is quinoa salad, a refreshing yet filling mix of grains, roasted mushrooms, carrots, grilled red onions, and fresh pungent herbs.

IMG_7067Tying the buffet together is the fan favorite Vegetable Medley – various vegetables (parsnips, carrots, yams) roasted to perfection with extra virgin Olive Oil, a pinch of salt and pepper with fresh oregano. Lucky for you, the “how-to” for this mouth watering dish will be posted next week.

For dessert, the host requested the attendees bring a sweet treat. We plated all of these macaroons, cookies, Mexican wedding cookies, croissants, ginger snaps, and included our chefs homemade 4-ingredient gluten free vegan peanut butter cookies – a delight. The dessert table was a sophisticated display of variety.


One of the four dessert display trays

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