Lunch with Continuity

eggplant-cheesecakeWe filled the lunch hour with a variety of dishes. First was a classic mac-n-cheese with that golden crunchy layer on top. Secondly we had a dish that was equally unique as the last one was traditional: eggplant-cheesecake-main-componentseggplant cheese cake. It was a sweet and savory dish that combined fresh cheese and roasted vegetables. Following that was a Syrian selection. We had homemade hummus, baba gannouj, warm pita and lavash, and ice cold tabouli salad. 

The caesar salad was crisp romaine hearts with homemade caesar vinaigrette, rich parmesan cheese, and crunchy sour bread croutons. The salad trifecta was completed with a greek style mix: tomatoes, persian cucumbers, bitter olives, red onions, flavorful feta cheese, and dried oregano.

To complete the eclectic collection we had a cheese plate with a variety of textures and flavors. We selected some aged, soft, and more firm cheeses. We also included a variety of milk bases including goat and cow in order to cover a range of flavors. There are also a few familiar types.


The lunch was filled with selections made by the host and catered by Jasmine and staff. Following this event was dinner with the same guests, host, and staff. While the menu was entirely different, continuity was maintained through presentation, service, and quality.

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