Oxford University Reunion Luncheon

use4In the Berkeley hills, there is a early 20th century home that was constructed just after the 1906 earth quake, when families migrated from the heart of San Francisco to less tumultuous and arguably more beautiful countrysides. Today this house is situated in a cozy neighborhood, with winding streets, and an enviable Bay Area skyline. This stone home posses a rare and coveted patch of grass, in fact it has two. And they are big enough to be called a yard without being too presumptuous. Here, Jasmine Catering set up a celebratory luncheon for Oxford University Alumni.

use5They gathered to celebrate the visit of the Master to the United States; we filtered through their conversation with stuffed mushrooms, home-y quesadillas, tuna tar tar – fresh tuna cut into perfect little cubes joined with a host of deliciousnes: seasame seeds, chives, jalapenos, and avocado in soy-wasabi and lime maranade, all atop a crispy, deep fried wonton chip. use6The next in the line up was an organic endive leaves filled with dried cranberries, Reyes blue cheese, and candied pecans. Each plate was centered around a floral piece with thick fig leaves.


use The lunch buffet was a 4 dish setting filled with an array of  tastes that complimented each other so naturally. Even the textures brought variety to the table and still found synergy. The first dish was a fresh and flavorful salad with organic mixed greens, sweet seasonal strawberry slices, candied walnuts, fromage du chevre, all tossed in a flattering balsamic vinaigrette.

A simple grain turned into a supporting beam of a meal is our Moroccan couscous with soft dots interspersed with the crunch of a sliced and toasted almond, both tossed together with baked vegetables and currants. An understated, yet appreciated dish.

Resting atop a pile of cous cous on many of our guests plates was the roasted chicken breast, marinated beforehand and baked with orange slices, white wine, and caramelized fennel – a true treat. And of course, what would the meal be without our ever popular oven-roasted vegetable dish. The seasons best parsnips, carrots, portabella mushrooms, and red onions joined with warm beets, sliced and fresh out of the boiling water all tossed in olive oil and fresh oregano.use3

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