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Coq Au Vin Recipe

This classic French dish will allow you to make a Julia Child approved meal with a beginners skill set.  All you need is a little wine, a little gumption, and a lot of hunger. Braised, burgundy, and bountiful – this dish is meant for ease, deliciousness, and sharing. Our recipe is meant to serve 6-8 people. […]

Assemble With Care

In the kitchen, our team is clean, concise, and efficient. We work in unison to assemble our dishes, delegate tasks, and provide service with care. Our bagels are fresh from a local bakery, sliced, and served with cold cream cheese and smoked salmon. We assembled a veggie platter for a variety of option to add […]

Wedding Taco Bar

The marriage was celebrated with a taco bar – and what a raging success that was. It was a night full of joy, laughter, and dancing. If an atmosphere could be embodied in a food, tacos were certainly the most suitable candidate. It was a casual and excited meal shared amongst friends and family in […]

Wedding Appetizers

Jasmine Catering was invited to be part of a beautiful Pacific Islander wedding that took place in the Oakland Hills. We were part of the set up and took great pride in the former, and were very quick with the latter. The event was a night to be remembered for the guests and an honor […]

Jeweled Rice and Dinner

This menu extends a simple and filling meal fit for a hungry belly and satisfies a craving for heartiness. We start with a winter salad combining romaine hearts, deep maroon beets, crunchy pears, and moist blue cheese vinaigrette. This pairs well with eggplant parmesan, which has a rich taste and melty texture made from layers […]

Bagels for Breakfast

We brought out fresh baked NY style bagels from a local bakery – marbled, sesame seed, and plain, served up with cold cream cheese, fresh smoked salmon, and capers for the adjusted palate. To make a complete bagel sandwich, we sliced up crunchy red onion, fresh Persian cucumber, powerful Kalamata olives, and sliced Heirloom tomatoes. To compliment […]

Brunch With Flavor

The Brunch hour began with passed hors d’oeuvres – starting with a warm Spanikopita triangles. These are hand held filo dough stuffed with melted feta cheese and spinach, making for a rich combination. Following this was organic Medjool dates filled with creamy gorgonzola cheese and salted pecan. The diversity of flavors makes for a sweet […]

Almost-Vegan Pasta Bar

Lined up in order of natural stacking on your plate, we have first a perfectly cooked penne pasta, followed by a fresh tomato sauce, creamy pesto, and parmesan cheese if so desired. Of course, no pasta is complete without warm and buttery garlic bread. Following this was a fresh Greek Salad with cold romaine lettuce, […]

Dreamy Desserts

The satisfaction of dinner was topped off with divine desserts, starting with Lemon-Curd Cups. These tiny pastries are a dessert lovers delight – they are sweetened pastry dough cups filled with a lemon custard and topped with fresh berries for the perfect amount of sweetness and variety in each little bite. Following  a similar aesthetic, […]

Bat Mitzvah of Dreams

The dreamiest of bat mitzvah’s took place earlier this year in the Berkeley hills and Jasmine catering was invited to make it happen. We spent all day with the family and curated the food and set up portion  of the event. We worked in conjunction with the event planner and the venue to coordinate and […]