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Spaghetti Bar

On a mission to bring comfort food to a party, we built a spaghetti bar meant to get the crowd through quickly with a delicious meal in hand – and to that end, we were quite successful. We presented first a bowl of piping hot spaghetti pasta, followed by a selection of either tomato sauce […]

The Trust For Public Land Fundraiser

Tuna Tartar

The Trust For Public Land is a non-profit who has made it their sole purpose to protect the parks – particularly near cities – that are so much part of our daily lives. They held a fundraiser in order to meet this goal, and Jasmine catering was invited to facilitate the event with hors d’oeuvres […]

The Switch from Cage-Free

Often, the rhetoric around dairy can be incredibly muddied, clandestine, and opaque. We find ourselves wondering what the difference is between a “regular” egg, a cage-free, pasture-raised, grass-fed chicken eggs and so on. Ultimately, this confusion is a purposeful act of the industry. It keeps consumers like all of us in the dark about our […]

Oxford University Reunion Luncheon

In the Berkeley hills, there is a early 20th century home that was constructed just after the 1906 earth quake, when families migrated from the heart of San Francisco to less tumultuous and arguably more beautiful countrysides. Today this house is situated in a cozy neighborhood, with winding streets, and an enviable Bay Area skyline. […]

Family Style Brunch

We had a bright and cheery brunch with the classic fresh bagels and lox adorned with fresh veggies tossed in dressing with a pinch of salt and pepper. It was a very typical, and thus comforting brunch amongst friends and family. The atmosphere was lively and lighthearted, facilitated by a family style meal with all […]

10 Year Anniversary at Beth El Congregation

To celebrate the decade of community here at Beth El where our kitchen is located, we put together a heavenly yet comfortable buffet that was rounded out with a congregation of homemade desserts. It was celebrated with deep navy and bright light blue linens accentuated by tall wine glasses stuffed with a fresh white napkin. […]

Hearty Kabobs Birthday Party Menu

We presented a flavorful menu to mirror the excitement of the celebration of a birthday party. We gave the guests the fan-favorite and well-loved piping hot falafel with a complimentary cold tahini dipping sauce. We followed this with roasted eggplant chunks topped with fried onions, fresh squeezed lemon juice, spicy chili peppers, sumac, and of […]

Fennel and Orange Come Together

This fresh combo was the start to a roasted pungent orange, fennel, and white wine mix tossed in with flavorful free-range chicken. It tasted as bright, fresh, and powerful as it looks. Following up the star of the show was a light but character-filled salad: organic mixed greens with a soft crunch, robust beets, toasted […]

Kiddush Luncheon

We were invited to cater an event on the Peninsula for the bat mitzvah of two young ladies. Here, we were entrusted to put together the vision that the host had in mind. Our staff is efficient, careful, and considerate when setting up your event. It is important that we provide professional service in conjunction […]

Falafel Bar

Welcome to the home to the Falafel Bar Us and our flavorful menu were invited to be part of a casual party. We provided a linen-clad table of all the necessary parts for falafel. We served up baba gannouj, homemade hummus, freshly baked pita, and of course tahini. Spicy sauce made of cilantro, jalepeno, tomato, garlic, and […]