Pirie Party Palooza

We were invited to return to this lovely annual Christmas party – every year for 17 years, the last 6 of which were catered – where these friends have their Party Palooza to celebrate friendship and the holidays with delicious food, dancing, and karaoke.  We were happy to round out this joyous event with seven different sophisticated bites.


A flavorful sautéed eggplant combined with rich pine nuts, high quality balsamic vinegar, a touch of cocoa, fresh, local tomatoes and spices on bite size crostinies makes for a chilled, flavorful snack.


The very unique endive leaf finally found a home here amongst a flower shaped presentation stuffed with goat cheese, candied pecans, and dried cranberries. It makes for the perfect combination of crisp and bold.


These sliders were absolutely a party favorite! Such a simple union of pulled grass-fed beef slowly braised in red wine with a blue cheese spread on a brioche bun had these hand bites disappearing before the server could make it around the room.


This hot smoked fillet of salmon was a delicious addition to the real star of this hors d’oeuvre: the potato pancake. The sour cream and dill united the two flavors for a familiar yet cosmo taste.


These crab cakes are quite surprising: they look simple and dark but once you bite into them it is a whole new world. The flavor is astounding and well rounded with the crab and wasabi aioli together.


Great for a vegetarian diet, these uniquely named Mushroom Cigars are sautéed mushrooms with cream, vermouth, onion and oregano, rolled in fillo dough served hot out of the oven with a flakey outside and flavorful inside.


Next to the sliders, these were a favorite as well. Both filling and a high impact flavor, these grilled free-range chicken skewers were a very solid part of the hors d’oeuvers line up. They were served piping hot spicy peanut sauce after being sauteed in lemon grass and curry marinade.


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