Spaghetti Bar

Meat sauce On a mission to bring comfort food to a party, we built a spaghetti bar meant to get the crowd through quickly with a delicious meal in hand – and to that end, we were quite successful.
We presented first a bowl of piping hot spaghetti pasta, followed by a selection of either tomato sauce or meat sauce kept warm in chafing dishes. And what is bolognese without a stick of garlic bread to wipe the dish clean with? Our bread had the perfect combination of crunchy and soft topped with a garlic paste baked into the warm bread.Garlic bread at dinner
We offered parmesan cheese as well to sprinkle over the finished dish.

To round out this classic, we offered a fresh, crisp, and cold caesar salad with just the right amount dressing and crunchy croutons.Caesar Salad at dinner

For those searching out a flavorful addition, we had fresh fruit freshly cut and prepared for individual bites.

After the classic meal of spaghetti and caesar salad, we could resist a classic dessert: ice cream sundaes. Much like the style of the spaghetti bar, we lined up a self-serve row of vanilla ice-cream, pecans, whipped cream, and sweet chocolate ganache.

The dining room was filled with happy, satisfied, and full guests.

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