The Switch from Cage-Free

Often, the rhetoric around dairy can be incredibly muddied, clandestine, and opaque. We find ourselves wondering what the difference is between a “regular” egg, a cage-free, pasture-raised, grass-fed chicken eggs and so on. Ultimately, this confusion is a purposeful act of the industry. It keeps consumers like all of us in the dark about our options and makes it significantly more challenging to make informed decisions about what kind of products we’d like to bring into our kitchens.

Our chef did a some research and decided to purchase all of our eggs from Vital Farms, a farm where chickens are raised primarily in pastures and they consume grass and vegetables instead of grain. This makes for much darker and purer yellow yolks – a tell tale sign of health of a chicken. Vital Farms has put together a bit more information on how they raise their chickens as well as a helpful infographic on what all these ambiguous industry terms really mean for our feathered friends.

Jasmine Catering has switched completely to purchasing eggs from this grower. While this is a sustainable choice that we are very satisfied with, it is worth mentioning that we pay nearly double the price for these eggs. However, when we weigh in the fair-labor practices, the low environmental impact, the benefit of giving our money to a small farmer, the quality of the product, and the respectable treatment of the chickens, the price to gain ratio comes out in our favor, and everyone elses – particularly the chickens.

Please feel free to make any suggestions about local farmers whom you think could be useful in providing services like Vital Farms – food is an integral part of our community. It can be used to unite us in so many fashions.

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