Wedding Appetizers

Appetizers menuJasmine Catering was invited to be part of a beautiful Pacific Islander wedding that took place in the Oakland Hills. We were part of the set up and took great pride in the former, and were very quick with the latter. The event was a night to be remembered for the guests and an honor to serve for the staff. Our servers, dressed in fresh pressed white button-ups and black pants circulated the outdoor patio between tables with four hors d’oeuvres. At any given time, a guest could find any of these selections with one of our servers.

The Chicken Satay is free-range chicken soaked in lemon-grass and curry marinade, grilled, skewered, and dipped in a homemade peanut sauce. The children were particularly partial to this dish, but not one hand turned down this delight.IMG_1146_2

Beef Empanadas were a great hand held bite. They are little hand pressed pockets of pie crust stuffed with grass-fed beef, olives, hard-boiled eggs, fresh oregano, grilled onions, a blend of robust spices, and sealed with a Chimichuri dip sauce and a dash of salt. These were an easy thing for the guests to grab onto without having to disturb their conversation as the servers passed.

Another easy and satisfying bite was the Crab Cakes – crunchy outside and gooey inside topped with a little dollop of lime-wasabi aioli and packed with powerful flavors.

Crab CakesLast was our Tuna Tartar: fresh diced Tuna tossed all together with cubes of avocado, sesame seeds, chives, jalapenos in a soy-wasabi sauce and then scooped onto a wonton triangle. While these took a bit more focus to munch, they were certainly worth it.


The candy table was set up and manned by the event planner; it was a compliment to Jasmine’s pre-dinner delights.




Stay tuned for next week, we will divulge the wedding dinner.

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