Wedding Taco Bar

IMG_1153The marriage was celebrated with a taco bar – and what a raging success that was. It was a night full of joy, laughter, and dancing. If an atmosphere could be embodied in a food, tacos were certainly the most suitable candidate. It was a casual and excited meal shared amongst friends and family in a style that encouraged community and togetherness.
We set up a full bar of options including two types of meat and a vegetarian option.
We also took great care to set up the area in which the bride and groom envision their families would come together. There were appreciable round tables, sophisticated linens, and bright colors all topped with flowers and Pacific Islander accents. The preparations for the event set a wholesome, inclusive, and celebratory ambience.
IMG_1147And of course, the Taco Bar was a highlight. We started with warm flour and corn tortillas, followed with a meat option: either grass-fed pulled beef in marinade or sauteed chicken. Next was a grilled veggie selection – a great addition to a meat-filled taco but also perfectly hearty and flavorful enough to stand alone.
The toppings came in a quad: sour cream, shredded Mexican cheese, guacamole, and mild salsa. For those who like a little kick, we offered a hot salsa, as well as Tapatio.IMG_1152
Naturally, Casamiento had to follow. It is a word which means “wedding” and is frequently debuted at such events. Ours was a steaming rice pilaf donned with braised black beans and sautéed onions.
And even though tacos are satisfying all on their own, we offered some fresh greens and fruit to round out the meal. The salad was a smash hit with a spongy rich spinach leaf base and toasted pecans, sweet papaya, ripe avocado, powerful
feta all tossed in a raspberry vinaigrette. Our staff could hardly keep the bowl full and this was after people already had tacos on their plate.
The final treat on the buffet line was a bowl of fresh cut fruit: burgundy strawberries, juicy cantaloupe, and tart pineapple.
Our staff cleared the empty plates cheerfully and inconspicuously in order to continue the party, and continue it did.
Jasmine Catering was delighted to be part of such a beautiful celebration.

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