Hors D’oeuvres Menus


Mediterranean Hors D’oeuvres Menu

  • Mediterranean Platter
    • Goat Cheese and roasted bell Peppers marinated in lemon Zest, Parsley, Anchovies, Fennel, Lemon Juice and extra virgin Olive Oil with Baguette Slices
  • Roast Beef Sandwiches
    • On mini Brioche Rolls with Horseradish Mousse and Arugula
  • Mini Caprese Sandwiches
    • Fresh Mozzarella, Olive Tapenade, fresh Basil and Tomato on bite-size Brioche Roll
  • Chicken Fillo Triangles
    • Fillo triangles stuffed with Cinnamon Chicken, caramelized Onions and Raisins
  • Dip Trio
    • Baba Gannouj, Hummus and Butternut Squash-Ginger Dips with Pita Chips
  • Desserts
    • Flour-less Chocolate Cookies
      • With Coconut and Pecan
    • Lemon-Curd Cups
      • Tiny Pastry Cups filled with Lemon Curd and fresh Berries
  • Fresh Fruit and Coffee

Diverse Menu

  • Chicken Satay
    • Grilled Free-range chicken breast skewers in Lemon Grass and Curry Marinade, served with spicy Peanut Sauce
  • Tuna Tartar
    • Diced raw Tuna, Sesame Seeds, Chives, Jalapenos and Avocado in Soy-Wasabi and Lime Marinade, served on baked Wonton Triangles
  • Smoked Salmon
    • Hot smoked fillet of Salmon on Potato Pancake with Creme Fraiche and Dill
  • Crab Cakes
    • With Lime-Wasabi Aioli
  • Endive Leaves
    • Stuffed with Blue Cheese, candied Pecans, and dried Cranberries
  • Stuffed Mushrooms
    • Roasted Cremini Mushrooms stuffed with Goat Cheese, Spinach and Parmesan Cheese

Vegetarian Menu

  • Stuffed Mushrooms
    • Roasted Cremini Mushrooms stuffed with Goat Cheese,
  • Spinach and Parmesan Cheese
  • Spanikopita
    • Fillo triangles stuffed with Feta Cheese and Spinach
  • Brie and Onion Bruschetta
    • Toasted Baguette slices with Brie, caramelized Onions and fresh Thyme
  • Portabella Mushroom Quesadillas
    • With Mozzarella Cheese, Scallions, toasted Almonds, served with roasted Tomato Relish
  • Organic Medjool Dates
    • Stuffed with creamy Gorgonzola Cheese and salted Pecan
  • Blue Cheese and Fig Bruschetta
    • Toasted, seeded baguette slices with creamy Gorgonzola Cheese and sliced fresh Figs
  • Mini Pizza
    • Homemade Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese on bite size whole Wheat Crust

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