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A perfect pair

Braised short-ribs and polenta.

Persian Wedding to Remember


Jasmine Catering ventured into exciting new territory with our first-ever chance to cater a Persian wedding. It turned out to be a great festivity filled with merry-making, loads of food, and a massive assembly of friends, family, and the like. Jasmine started by serving up classic Middle-Eastern appetizers including a hefty platter of crumbled feta […]

Easter Bar Mitzvah

Easter Sunday is a family affair, so that is what we catered to. We set up round table to facilitate conversation, sharing, and together-ness. We dressed them with Easter colors – warm, inviting, and bright. Then we brought in the crowd. They celebrated the coming of age of a young man while Jasmine Catering crew […]

Bat Mitzvah Blooms, Part 2

After the Saturday morning celebration, our crew moved on to a Sunday night party. The event planner and Jasmine Catering teamed up again to create a dynamic event. We catered a party to entertain both adults and children: a superb bar set up with adult beverages and fizzy colorful drinks adorned with a paper umbrella. […]

Bat Mitzvah Blooms

The guest of honor was a 13-year old girl becoming a Bat Mitzvah. She celebrated her coming of age in South Berkeley. Jasmine Catering put together a simple but hearty buffet of lunch foods. We tossed a crisp caesar salad, plated a bowl of fresh fruit, chopped up a variety of veggies and served them up […]

40 Years Together

Jasmine Catering was invited to serve up a buffet and hors d’oeuvres at Naomi’s husband’s 70th birthday party. However, it was a dual celebration. The pair had been married 40 years but had never had a real wedding. So they broke out the food and dance moves, invited all their friends, and started up the music. […]

Model Bat Mitzvah

At this sweet bat mitzvah, two young women celebrated their coming of age with a traditional menu and their families. Keeping the pattern of two’s, the girls chose two colors for their center pieces. Every table was set with a bouquet of yellow or purple roses and surrounded by the same color candles. Here, at […]

A Wedding Waltz

In mid February, tucked away from the winter chill, the family of two ballroom dancers gathered to celebrate their marriage. As their guests walked in, we served up champagne, sparkling water, and ginger beer. You can only guess which was the most popular option. They waltzed down the aisle, pledged themselves to each other in […]

Winter Wedding

For this December celebration, we put together a menu that included winter veggies, foods to warm the belly, and a collection of cozy flavors. Starting with the Winter Salad we chopped up the winter-ist vegetable of all: beets. Then we combined it with romaine hearts, pears, and a rich blue cheese vinaigrette. This was the […]

Lunch in the Park

Serving big crowds is most effective and efficient through bar-style serving. In order to augment efficiency with deliciousness and joy, we served up falafel in this superb  style. Our chef made his authentic falafel mix, fried it up on-site at just the right temperature, and served it fresh and piping hot. Along with this is […]