In mid February, tucked away from the winter chill, the family of two ballroom dancers gathered to celebrate their marriage. As their guests walked in, we served up champagne, sparkling water, and ginger beer. You can only guess which was the most popular option.

They waltzed down the aisle, pledged themselves to each other in front of their families, then danced the night away. A live band orchestrated classic tunes, dancing jams, and lively songs through the whole night while the families waltzed, salsa’d, and sashay-ed the night away.

J asmine Catering was delighted to weave between the dancers with our divine hors d’oeuvres. We tango’d around¬†with Crab Cakes topped with a dollop of lime-wasabi, cha cha’d meat empanadas (a superb energy booster with all the dancing), and quick stepped all the stuffed mus hrooms to the vegan and vegetarian guests – and of course those who weren’t as well.

After the ceremony, the first round of dancing, and the third round of drinks, Jasmine Catering opened up the piping hot, fresh, and flavorful buffet line that featured first a crisp mediterranean salad with sour bread croutons, followed by juicy chicken breast bathing in a vermouth cream sauce. This protein set well on top of our orzo pasta and alongside a unique ratatouille. This time, we added beans to a traditionally all-vegetable dish to shake up the flavor and texture. And of course, what would a buffet be without fresh dinner rolls and a hunk of butter?

Our head chef, Oded, working to prepare the meat empanadas as well as the crab cakes.
The empanadas fresh out of the oven and waiting to be plated, served, passed, and enjoyed.
A happy smile from our bartender before the action.
The centerpieces, table settings, and the heavenly site of food consumption.