Family Style Brunch & Homemade Cookies

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family-style2 Our classic morning spread brings families together around the table for a simple and filling brunch. We import our fresh made bagels from a local Berkeley bakery and serve up sesame, original, and marble halves. Accompanying it is cold creme cheese and flavorful lox. We take care with our presentation as well as the functionality of it. We roll each layer of smoked salmon and arrange it in a circular fashion. This makes it easy to reach for everyone at the table and simple to roll onto the bagel without utensils.

While fresh veggies aren’t mentioned in the “Lox and Bagel” title, they are critical – we thinly slice red onions, juicy tomatoes, and fresh cucumbers. The plate is divided into quads and the last fourth is filled with a variety of olives. 

We also serve up hummus and homemade pita chips incase someone is interested in making a hummus and veggie combination – more versatile for vegetarian and vegan diets. drinks

For those who like a little warmth with their breakfast, we made a frittata with cage free eggs and roasted potatoes. The top has that golden brown crisp and the caramelized onions baked inside popping out the top layer.

We whipped up a quick and flavorful caesar salad with homemade vinaigrette and sour bread croutons and served it up with the rest of the meal in line with the family style. 

There was a separate buffet-style table where every guest was welcome to a variety of drinks and cookies, the highlight being the homemade chocolate chip cookies. Fresh, soft, and baked to perfection, these were gone in a flash.