Persian Wedding to Remember

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Jasmine Catering ventured into exciting new territory with our first-ever chance to cater a Persian wedding. It turned out to be a great festivity filled with merry-making, loads of food, and a massive assembly of friends, family, and the like.

Jasmine started by serving up classic Middle-Eastern appetizers including a hefty platter of crumbled feta cheese, carrots, cherry tomatoes, chopped green onion, and avocado. We also plated some lavash and labane with plenty of hummus to accompany all the produce.

Our servers meandered through the crowd with endless trays of hot falafel and ice cold tahini sauce for dipping. The falafel recipe is quite popular and kept privately by our chef; they come right out of the fryer and onto the passing trays in order to maintain their integrity on their voyage to our guests. The tahini sauce is made in house as well, just with a little less-secret recipe.

After our guests were stuffed with veggies and delightful falafel, the ceremony took place and was followed with dancing and excitement. We kept the celebration going with a buffet full of round, globe-like chaffing dishes, each displaying a different part of our celebratory meal.

Our first dish was a cold Shiraz Salad – a typical Persian dish with diced cucumber, fresh tomatoes, pure white radishes, chopped parsley, cilantro, and mint, and doused in lime-garlic vinaigrette.

Following that was two meat choices: flavorful beef kababs with herbs and pine nuts and a middle-eastern style chicken stew with pomegranate and walnut. Both were smash hit and the kababs went well with the house tahini sauce.

We, of course, had a carb to round out the meal (and keep the energy high for the night of dancing ahead). We dressed up some basmati rice with chopped caramelized onions, roasted carrots, toasted almonds, thick raisins and some rich spices. We have aptly named this: Jeweled Rice.

To wash dinner down, we provided Persian tea and coffee. The bow on the end of a perfect meal was an artful dessert display – made apart of the cake cutting and sharing ceremony. Over all, this Persian wedding was filled with heightened levels of joy, divine food line ups, and true celebration.