Bat Mitzvah Blooms, Part 2

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A fter the Saturday morning celebration, our crew moved on to a Sunday night party. The event planner and Jasmine Catering teamed up again to create a dynamic event. We catered a party to entertain both adults and children: a superb bar set up with adult beverages and fizzy colorful drinks adorned with a paper umbrella. There was a DJ playing the soundtrack of Hamilton, Maroon 5, and Enya (most of which was selected by the guest of honor). The dance floor was filled with games, dance moves, and even a conga line or two.

The pasteur-raised eggs before they met with the eggplant frittata.

And of course the food: we had toasted bruschetta and pasteur-raised deviled eggs passed around and plucked off the serving trays at warp speed. The buffet was a smorgasbord of poached salmon, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, decorated cous cous, eggplant frittata, and a mixed greens salad tossed with candied pecans, ruby red strawberries and pungent goat cheese.

Every crumb of food Jasmine Catering provided was 100% kosher, everything accept the cous cous on the menu was gluten-free, and all but the salmon was vegetarian. The menu was versatile to suit the crowd, both in terms of diet and preference. Also – according to guests comments, it was quite delicious. The servers heard approximately a dozen compliments on the salmon and one guest even worked his way into the kitchen to thank the chef personally.

To finish off the night, we served up ice cream sunday’s. Two huge ice cream scoops topped with warm chocolate ganache. The night ended in dancing, sweetness, and a very happy Bat Mitzvah.


The coffee and tea table with a few of the blooms. Bouquets to match these sat on every table, window sill, and display. Once the sun set, they all had tiny firefly lights adorning them.


The ultra popular photo booth set outside on the patio amongst seating. Guests were all smiles as an audience to their friends taking photos in costume.