img_20160827_105444 Serving big crowds is most effective and efficient through bar-style serving. In order to augment efficiency with deliciousness and joy, we served up falafel in this superb  style. Our chef made his authentic falafel mix, fried it up on-site at just the right temperature, and served it fresh and piping hot. Along with this is the necessary partners: warm pita bread.

The pairing of pita and falafel is incomplete without a touch of sauce. The cool tahini and hummus were perfectly paired with the warm falafel and pita. If that combination wasn’t lovely enough, we served up pickled cabbage and Israeli salad.

To flesh out the rest of the meal we served up Mary’s chicken breast – a local Bay Area farmer – marinated in lemon, olive oil, garlic, and fresh herbs. We grilled the kababs on site.

These two substantial portions were balanced out with two other lighter portions: a spring salad with organic spring mix, candied walnuts, fresh pears, home made raspberry vinaigrette, and rich feta cheese. The second portion was fruit platter with seasonal fresh cut flavorful fruits.

All this was rounded out with an assortment of coffee, tea, fresh juice, and cookies.

Our prep table at the event. We served up the falafel bar at a city park, so Jasmine Catering brought along not only our kitchen necessities, but our counter tops and refrigerators too. Our team is flexible and resourceful.

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